The  SAFOA movement is made to help parents talk with their children about sexual harassment. We believe that our tips will help more people to talk about this taboo and decrease sexual harassment in Ghana.

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'As a parent you need to have a constant connection with your child so that they feel ok to tell you anything, no matter how bad.'

'You cannot control what your children are exposed to. You can only influence the way they perceive it.'

'The best way to get your child to listen to you is to develop a meaningful relationship with them-- without judgements and anger!'

In the following, you will find nine research-based tips on how to improve the communication between you and your children. These following steps could help you and your child have open conversations about any subject.

Step 1: Approach

How to approach and connect with your child using the following tips.

Step 2: Communication

Learn how to maintain the conversation using these following tips.

Step 3: Afterwards

Build a stronger relationship with your child using the following tips.

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Sexual harassment plays a big role in our lives more often than we like to admit. Do you ever talk about it with others? Whatever your situation is, Safoa believes that a healthy community life begins with talking about this taboo. It will not be easy for everyone especially with our children. That's why we encourage such open conversations with family and friends. Or of course with us.



Although many years have passed, it still hurts me that I never realized that I had been a victim of defilement at the age of 6yr, until I joined a girls club at the age 12. By then the culprit was long gone. I was taught at the girls club that who ever touches you wrongly as a young girl takes away your dignity. This really broke me and this has affected me in many ways even as an adult.

Keeping it all to myself, I grew up with a really low self esteem. I thought that among my colleagues I had no dignity. I blamed myself for a while then I blamed my mum for a while; she had been so busy that she missed that part of my life when I needed her the most.

I stand for the SAFOA movement, I'm happy that this awareness will be a key and a proactive plan to make our vulnerable younger sisters and brothers open up about any sexual harassment they experience before it is too late.  I STAND FOR THE SAFOA MOVEMENT!!




It was one Monday evening after she had closed from work, she had a call from the man who had promised to buy her a phone. Even though he was way older than her she thought he was her friend and nothing bad could happen between them. She was a teenager and through peer pressure she was desperate for a phone and while she was promised one she became happy little did she know nothing is free in this world. She hurried to his place of residence for the promised phone. Upon reaching the compound he asked her to come inside the house and immediately he closed the door behind her forced himself on her. She left, crying and ashamed of herself without the phone she was promised and did not tell anyone.

I believe this project SAFOA is going to help a lot of young girls to open up with their parents to tell stories about the experiences they have outside the home to help prevent such atrocities from happening to young girls. I also believe this project will go a long way to teach parents on the importance of being friendly and open to their their children for their children to confide in them without fear of being chastised in case he/she is sexually harassed or raped.
I think this project will work because of the dynamics of our society brought by various social media platforms as parents want to know more about their children and the necessary steps to take when situations of sexual harassment and rape occur.



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