A lot of children deal with sexual harassment in Ghana. Most of them don't even know it happened until they are older. They feel ashamed of it and feels their parents would blame them.

So we decided to start a movement.

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What is safoa?

Safoa is a movement founded in 2020 to help parents in Cape Coast have an open communication with their children. We started this movement hoping to reduce sexual harassment in Ghana. This movement provides awareness and guidance for parents in Ghana.  It has a research-based guideline for parents and a place where people could share their personal stories.

Most children feel as if their parents judge them. This makes them uncomfortable to talk about certain subjects. Together we hope help parents in Cape Coast know how important it is to have open conversations with their children.


'As a parent you need to have a constant connection with your child so that they feel ok to tell you anything, no matter how bad.'

'You cannot control what your children are exposed to. You can only influence the way they perceive it.'

'The best way to get your child to listen to you is to develop a meaningful relationship with them-- without judgements and anger!'

who are we? Meet our team!


Anouk Zandstra

"Hi! My name is Anouk and I am the researcher and designer of team Safoa. I love painting and dancing in my free time. I find it important that girls, like me, need to feel safe and walk safely over the streets and that’s why I love working on the Safoa Movement."


Manon de Haan

"Hi! my name is Manon, one of the creators of Safoa. I think Safoa is important because there should be freedom to talk about this sensitive subject. When we talk more about it, I hope that it will be less of a problem.  Together we break the taboo of sexual harassment in Ghana."


Merel Boiten

"Hi! My name is Merel. I’m one of the creators of Safoa and I’m one of the researchers and designers of Safoa. I found it important that every child feels safe and happy. But sometimes that is not the case. With Safoa will help people to talk about sexual harassment in Ghana. Together we can make the taboo against sexual harassment in Ghana end. "

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Luanne Yarzagaray

"Hi! My name is Luanne and I am the website designer of Safoa. I believe that every child should feel safe and trust they can talk to a grown up about this sensitive subject. With this movement I hope to help break this taboo in Ghana. Hopefully one day is the new normal that children know they can talk with their parents about everything. ."


Luna Smit

"Hello, I am Luna Smit. I am A bright personality that likes to be involved in the world. Everyone has a story and I like to listen and capture that story. Writing and filming are my specialties. Within Safoa I can make the most of these specialities by listening to your stories, and capture  them in the youtube videos. "

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